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  The Band

Michael Velasquez
Bass Guitar and Vocals

Michael is one of the top session bass players in Southern California and currently plays with Aspen on a regular basis. He's an extraordinary musician and is a major part of the Aspen live sound. Michael is also a music teacher in the Ventura County area of California.

George Rangel
Guitar and Vocals

George is a founding member of Aspen. He handles vocals and guitar for the band as well as song writing duties. Daniel, Aspen's drummer and George's are a father and son team in the band. It's awesome playing with my son Daniel! He is a great drummer.

​Daniel "Deez" Rangel 
Drums and Percussion

Deez has been handling drums and percussion for Aspen for the last 14 years. He is the backbone of
the band with great timing and a solid beat. He is into anybody who is down for a good time and
stays positive.  He says, "I'd like to meet the guy
who invented beer (so I can give him a hug)" 

Lou Garcia
Guitar and Vocals
Lou is also a founding member of Aspen. He handles guitar, vocals and is also a songwriter. “I’ve always loved music, especially singing and harmonies.” Lou lives in Simi Valley, Calif. is an avid Harley Davidson rider. Favorite color is green

Richard Hardy
Winds and Vocals

​Richard has been performing with Aspen for many years. A professional touring musician, he tours  and performs with many artists, including  Shaki Tribe. For many years Richard was the staple Sax Man for Carole King during her glory days. He is a very gifted artist and total professional.